Helios Automazioni

Since 2001 our team has been working to make high stone processing technology accessible to everyone. Helios Automazioni is an open minded company, that day after day, develops innovation and renews itself, attracting new skills and enthusiasm, which make our company the reference of stone processing technology in Italy and all over the world.


Integrated System 4.0

Interesting news on the front of porcelain and compact surfaces. No more water jet needed! A unique integrated system composed of three stainless steel machines that simultaneously interchange data each other in total safety and without any manual intervention from the operator. Three in one: - 5+3 axes bridge saw (CUT+CARVING/DRILLING) - Patented system Robo-Move (SLAB HANDLING) - 5+3 axes machining center (EDGE PROFILING+SLAB FINISHING)

CNC polishing machine

Helios Lux is the fastest and most efficient bridge polishing machine with automatic tool change among the stone market. It is a sturdy machine, entirely built with stainless steel which preserves its quality over the time. Thanks to the automatic tool changer, it is possible to polish and brush all types of materials (granite, onyx, quartz, etc.) without the manual intervention and with excellent results. The working head, developed by our engineers, guarantees a constant control of the pressure and allows to work also on not perfectly flat surfaces, thus saving the 50% on the use of abrasives. Helios Lux can process multiple slabs (also different for shape and thickness) on the working table during a unique polishing cycle, without blocking the machine or interrupting the process. The integrated X-Touch software and the Helios Photoscan system for the scanning and measurement of the slabs make a polishing cycle very easy, intuitive, and fast.


The machining centers from the Helios Star series are powerful and fast, they differ from the traditional anthropomorphic robots for their precision and reliability. The tower structure allows a vertical process of pieces from different size and big blocks, which are easily clamped on a turning table with slats. Helios Star can manage all the 360° processes possible such as statues, capitals, columns, portals, as well as processes of milling, sculpturing, engraving, and writing. Moreover, thanks to the optional lathe, it is possible to make horizontal turning processes with disk and tool. The integrated Helios Galaxy Stone software makes its use easy and fast, it is ideal for design, rendering, and creation of many machinings. It provides strategies to minimize the lead time and maximize the finishing quality, from the design to the manufacture of the product. The security doors guarantee a protected process for a total operator’s safety.