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Furniture designing software


From planning to presentation and production, PYTHA 3D CAD has unprecedented flexibility that delivers excellent results every time. With the highly intuitive user interface, our clients learn how to operate the system in short time frames. Our clients learn how to operate PYTHA with ease and at their own pace. Experience the competitive advantage our clients enjoy, when using PYTHA 3D CAD!

For Wood Workers

PYTHA 3D CAD is the first choice for wood workers who need powerful, intuitive software. Whether it be for planning high end bedrooms, simple wardrobes or luxury range kitchens, PYTHA can fulfil any task! Customers use PYTHA for commercial joinery, contract furniture and highly detailed bespoke joinery.


Using PYTHA’s patented footprint technology, PYTHA ‘Workshop’ automatically creates construction methods for pieces of furniture (dowel, screw, cam & dowel, etc.). Edge banding, router paths and other manufacturing tasks can be assigned directly to the 3D model. This data can then, be easily transferred to a CAM postprocessor.

CNC Connectivity

Automatic generation of CNC data directly from your 3D model, according to your individual manufacturing standards. It works for cabinets created by the PYTHA cabinet generator as well as individually modelled pieces of furniture.

PYTHA arc analysis for automatic generation of router paths – even for free form curves. PYTHA live bore holes are automatically updated if you edit your 3D object. Edge processing made easy (edge banding, router, saw, etc.).