WAP machinery

We provide new and reconditioned machines for wood, plastic, stone and composite materials

Woodworking machines specialist

WAP Machinery Co LTD specializes in woodworking machines repairs, precision parts machining and reverse engineering of components. WAP Machinery has more than 30 years of experience as a leading custom machine builder, will meet or exceed even your most exacting specifications.

Complete Machines Inspection

Our capable engineers are trained to assist our clients, repair and setup numerical controls units from several famous international brands.


We offer comprehensive machine repair, rebuilding and refurbishment services. In many situations, your objectives can best be met through retooling, reconditioning, and/or upgrading the technology of your existing equipment. Proper rebuilding and refurbishment can improve production efficiency and extend machine life.


We always have available machines at our showroom ready for demonstrations. We can offer personalized demos  on your materials as well. Call us for details.