Machines reconditioning

Machines are the lifeblood of most manufacturing operations. Without high-quality machines performing at maximum efficiency, it is virtually impossible to meet tight production schedules. Machines also represent a major expense — purchasing brand-new equipment may not fit the strict budget requirements for companies that need to make every dollar count to remain competitive in today’s challenging global business climate.

FAst response team

When a machine breaks down, fast action is required to ensure minimal downtime and avoid a lengthy disruption to your manufacturing process. WAP Machinery can provide prompt, on-site emergency machines repair service that can get your machine up and running again in no time. We can perform all types of basic electronic and mechanical repairs and conduct troubleshooting steps to locate and correct faults in hydraulic and electronic systems. If we cannot remedy the problem on-site, we can dismantle the machine, remove the damage components and transport them to our facility for more extensive repair work.

Complete Machinery Rebuilding

In some cases, the best alternative is to essentially tear down a machine and rebuild it from scratch. WAP Machinery can take on the difficult challenge of complete machinery rebuilding. An industrial machine rebuild can significantly improve the performance of the equipment and even make it safer to use for your operators. It can also prolong the machine’s lifespan, allowing you to avoid the expense involved with a frequent replacement.

Machinery Refurbishment

Our expert industrial machinery refurbishment service can restore older machines to like-new condition. Depending on the situation, machine refurbishment can entail steps such as retooling and reconditioning, as well as upgrading outdated electronic components or systems.

Customization Jobs

Perhaps you use a custom-manufactured machine in your day-to-day operations. With our knowledge and expertise, we can perform rebuilding and repairing services for unusual equipment you won’t find anywhere else — even if we didn’t build the machine ourselves.