Woodworking Industrial machines

If you are looking for machines for highly industrialized process and integrated system than you are in the right place.

WAP Machinery and its partners are able to satisfy the most demanding production request. From CNC point to point, beam saws, edgebanders and highly sophisticated complete automated lines.

Woodworking machines

WAP is close to all of our clients with medium production lines and artisan level enterprises.

Weather you are in PCB, MDF or Solid Wood furniture business, we can offer a complete range of solutions. From combination machines to sliding table saws to small dust extraction systems.

Stone working machines

WAP Machinery is active in other materials as well such granite, marble, glass and alluminium. We offer a complete range of equipment, cnc machines and software to process marble, granite, and synthetic materials: cut, polishing, milling, profiling, sculpturing, turning, etching, engraving, sandblasting, and much more.

All the machines built to last using stainless steel basements and axis.

CAD CAM Software

In nowadays standards, software is necessary at every level in every business sector. The same applies to furniture, architectural and construction businesses.

CAD CAM is the ultimate solution for anyone who is looking to build solutions for their clients.

From shop-fittings to kitchens or living and bedrooms furniture. The ability to present the visual result to your client, minutes before sending the orders to your production departments is breathtaking.


At WAP Machinery we keep stocks of saw blades for beam and sliding table saws. Drillbit for drilling machines and router bits.

We offer simple artisan lever tools and complex solutions for CNC machines equipment. 

A good machine cannot perform high if the tooling are not up to the task.

Spare parts / consumable

Unfortunately machines have faults and sometime break down. We can proudly say that in all these years we have served our clients at the top of what is technically possible and economically convenient. 

From wear and tear parts to replaceable spare parts we offer original components directly from the manufacturer and where it is possible and safe, alternative ones.